dba is a virtual organization, which offers the advantages of complete flexibility, scalability, and minimal financial and administrative overhead. The result is that our clients receive tailor-made teams, with expertise customized for each project, on a highly cost-effective "just-in-time" basis.
We are proud to include intellectual and technical human resources from many regions, specializations, and industries:

David Breecker - Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Writer
Roger S. Davis - Digital Film and Video, Communications Technologies
Michael Van Himbergen - Computer Generated Imagery, Digital Media Design
Brian J. Weller - Organizational Development, Facilitator 

Strategic Alliances

In addition to these distinguished Associates, dba maintains strategic alliances with other exceptional consulting firms and institutional subject experts, thus enhancing the aggregate intellectual capital available to our clients:

Social Enterprise Associates, Santa Fe - SEA offers business acumen, managerial experience, financing opportunities, and practical research to business and community efforts seeking social good.

Santa Fe Business Incubator - Business incubation and entrepreneurial support services

Global Smart Energy, Seattle - Advanced and renewable energy technology: research, analysis, and policy and industry development

ELM Research and Strategy, Portland - Strategic and business planning for complex markets that address health, environmental, regulatory, and other public issues

czb, llc, Virginia - czb specializes in community revitalization, and focuses on neighborhoods: how they work, and how they can become healthy markets

Quantum Media Associates, New York - Intellectual Capital for the Information Industries

DAVID BREECKER - Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Writer
David specializes in developing objective-oriented strategies to assist organizations in defining and reaching their goals. He also excels at organizing complex material and analyses, and expressing them in written form; and in financial modeling and projections. 

His background forms a tapestry of business, creative, and production elements, which are the basis for his work with dba. In addition to those consulting projects described elsewhere in this site, David devoted nine years to the Hollywood feature film industry, after earning his M.B.A. from Harvard University. He ultimately served as Executive Vice President of Production for Clive Davis Entertainment, a producing arrangement between the former President of Arista Records (Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana) and Tri-Star Pictures (Sony Entertainment). 

His earlier music career included stints as Principal Double Bass for the Bronx Opera Company and the New York String Ensemble, and Executive Director of the latter group. He taught graphics and printing at the secondary school level as Chairman of the Graphic Arts Department for the Fieldston School. 

Subsequent to his Hollywood foray, he relocated to rural New Mexico and developed a creative writing career in parallel with his consulting practice. He achieved semi-finalist status in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screenwriting fellowship competition, and recently completed his first novella, "The Way Life Should Be." 


ROGER S. DAVIS - Digital Film and Video, Communications Technologies
Roger has over 20 years' experience in both the business and creative aspects of integrating computers and video in the traditional filmmaking process. He co-founded three companies in the digital film field, and was formerly a member of the Hollywood Motion Picture Editor's Guild (San Francisco Chapter), IATSE 776. 

His skills have been demonstrated with numerous technology startups by integrating a wide variety of specialists in the technical, market strategy, business development, financial, and intellectual property development areas. Roger served as CEO of MediaFusion Inc., which was responsible for the acquisition of award-winning visual effects studio, Mass.Illusion, by Manex Entertainment. Manex has since gone on to win back-to-back Academy Awards for Visual Effects for What Dreams May Come and The Matrix.

Roger has conducted numerous technical market forecasts for such companies as MCI/WorldCom Video Division, WAM!NET, Pacific Interface, a major Hollywood studio, and several major Japanese technology companies. In association with Clark Higgins, he co-developed a comprehensive film to video matchback system, which was prior art to the current industry standard non-linear editing system used for filmmaking. Working again with Higgins, Roger also provided an engineering plan and update for Francis Ford Coppola's Electronic Cinema(tm) system in the late 1980's. 

Roger earned his B.F.A. in Filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and University of California at Davis.


MICHAEL VAN HIMBERGEN - Computer Generated Imagery, Digital Media
Michael is president of MediaFusion, Inc., an entertainment technology business firm, whose clients include Sun Microsystems, IBM, Samsung, the Kauai Institute for Communications Media, Aurora Luxembourg, Mass.Illusion, and European Film Zentrum Babelsberg. 

He has worked as Visual Effects Producer, Coordinator, or Consultant for a dozen years on feature film, television, and theme park projects including Die Hard, Clear and Present Danger, Judge Dredd, Big Top Pee Wee, Stargate, Spaceballs, LuXor Las Vegas, Expo 2000 Hannover, Michael Jackson's Black or White, PBS' Intimate Strangers and The Astronomers, HBO's Tales >From the Crypt, and Academy Award winner What Dreams May Come. He also contributed special effects business development expertise to The Matrix, Nixon, Starship Troopers, and Die Hard with a Vengeance. Live concert and music work has included projects for Graham Nash, the Rolling Stones, Steve Reich, David Hockney, and Mabou Mines. 

Michael has business, marketing, and technology experience with private and public start-up companies, including RIGL Corporation, Manex Entertainment, Xethos Group, and Thinking Pictures. He has been responsible for nine lectures, publications, and workshops in his field of expertise, has co-written two original screenplays, and is at work on his first novel. He holds a B.F.A. in Film and Video from California Institute of the Arts, and studied cybernetics and technical theatre in Canada, Denmark and the U.S.


BRIAN J. WELLER - Organizational Development, Facilitator
Brian specializes in facilitating organizational breakthroughs in times of critical change. Since 1979, he has worked at senior levels with Fortune 100 companies in many parts of the world. A sample listing of his clients includes: 

Avecia Fine Chemicals, UK & USA
Barclays Bank International
British Civil Service (five Departments of State)
Digital Equipment Corporation (divisions in six countries)
Dupont de Nemours
IBM (divisions in three countries)
Lloyds Bank International
Shell Petroleum International, GB
Syngenta Agrochemicals
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 

This depth of experience with both corporate and government organizations has been acquired in a variety of contexts, including facilitated retreats, off-site meetings, and on-going team building programs. He has a demonstrated ability to foster real, sustainable, and pragmatic change. 

Brian's creative experience began as a boy soprano at the Royal School of Church Music in England, performing as a soloist with Benjamin Britten and other composers. His first honors degree in Industrial Design Engineering was followed by a master's degree, specializing in applied psychology, ergonomics, and organizational change at the University of Aston, Birmingham, England. 

Brian has been a practicing meditator since 1969, and a teacher of meditation since 1973 in organizational as well as public settings. He has co-founded two international consulting groups; and is currently a co-founder of and advisor to HighWired Technologies Inc., a Northern California technology start-up providing innovative sound environments to the Internet and telecommunications industries.




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